It has been embarrassing to read about the governor’s gaffes in national publications, and to see his actions spoofed on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show.

This latest issue about the mural, however, feels very much like bullying.

It was clear that it was not a popular idea; but instead of inviting discourse on the subject, Gov. Paul LePage had it removed on a weekend, with no press or constituents around to witness it. (Are there usually maintenance staff employed on the weekend, or were they brought in at overtime pay?)

As I looked at the headline about the mural in the Kennebec Journal, I thought to myself that we have such important issues to work on, and here we are with a mural in the headlines — a problem that the governor has created.

We have enough challenges in this state without having to create more.

I am proud to call Maine my home, but it’s embarrassing to get national attention for LePage’s ridiculous antics. His insulting remarks and obvious disregard for the history of working people of Maine are distressing. I encourage our legislators to hold him responsible for his disparaging conduct.

Susan Simons


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