Inquiring minds find it very interesting that Paul LePage is so anti-union, when, as a former Scott Paper Co. employee, the union played a major part in his life.

Scott Paper Company was a union mill. If, by chance, LePage was management, he still benefited from the mill’s union employees. It would have been the Scott Paper Company. (whether union or management) wages that helped him pay his child support to his first wife and children in Canada.

One can only assume that he did pay child support, since he would not want his children, in Canada, to grow up in poverty as he did.

Many of us grew up poor, worked our way up the ranks and made a decent life for ourselves. We just don’t constantly wear it on our sleeves.

Also, I hope that LePage found his time in Canada enjoyable. At that same time, many of our loved ones served in the military and were in the jungles of Southeast Asia getting sprayed with Agent Orange.

I’m sure LePage would have benefited from the military experience of having a big old drill sergeant instill some manners and respect into him.

Most of us agree that those are two qualities, out of many, that he is lacking as a human being and as a governor, who won by default, not by the majority of the voters.

Lucretia Smith


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