The article appearing on page B4 of the April 2 Kennebec Journal, “Lawsuit filed over mural’s removal,” reads, “He believes the mural is being stored in an electrical closet at the Department of Labor.”

An electrical room is not an approved or appropriate storage room. If this allegation is correct, it may be a violation of the National Electric Code and also a violation of the safety standards regarding a safe workplace environment.

This allegation itself should complete an investigation by someone from the office of the State Fire Marshal, a state electrical inspector, and the Maine Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Standards.

Everyone involved must certainly have attended training and education regarding electrical rooms and their purpose, and no one is supposed to have access to such a location unless they’re qualified and have received training.

If this allegation is correct, the governor and all those under his supervision do not have the freedom to violate laws, at will, in the course of conducting state business.

If this allegation isn’t correct, it needs to be set straight and clarified by the appropriate people in our government as soon as possible. Revealing the exact location of the mural probably would clear up everything.

Stanley G. Boynton


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