It used to be said, “As Maine goes, so goes the nation.”

Now with current efforts to dismantle environmental and social safeguards, I hope this saying won’t become: “As the nation goes, so Maine follows.”

Our motto is “Dirigo,” which means “I lead.”

After all, for our future health, I believe we need to take into very serious consideration the thought that “We cannot foul our nest and disregard the needs of the poor and struggling without grave and serious environmental and social consequence and a growing prison and mental health crisis and cost.”

Do we want to say, “Farewell to Maine, and the life that used to be?”

It would be a sad day, indeed. Our state’s magic, mystique and draw has much to do with the quality of life here — not the quantity — and the values we uphold.


Many of us choose to stay here to make a life and not just a living.

In drawing up changes to our government and laws, both needs should be considered for a healthy balance.

Janet Clement


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