I had to write this letter to express my displeasure for Paul LePage’s latest fiasco, which involves the murals that were hanging in the Department of Labor.

LePage calls them one-sided and against his pro-corporate ideals. Well here’s an idea for him: Let’s put the murals back where they are, and he can add murals that explain his views on labor history.

One mural could show a single mom working multiple jobs without benefits just to feed her kids.

Another mural could show a non-union construction worker working on unsafe scaffolding, but biting his tongue against complaint for fear of getting fired, since he has no union safety committee to back him up.

Another mural could show older workers getting their layoff notices because of no protection of seniority rights.

LePage’s union-busting comments are a slap in the face to all the good people who fought for workers’ rights over the years in this state and country — rights that benefited both union and non-union workers.


LePage’s policies and those of his Republican cronies on this tea party kick are doing all they can to push our country backward. I am wondering when history books depicting labor practices in Maine will be removed from the Maine State Library.

The great people of Maine do not want to be embarrassed by their own state government. So LePage should start making decisions for the good of Maine, and not of the special interests he says he doesn’t associate with.

And as for the lack of transparency in his administration, well, that’s another letter for another day.

David W. Pass


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