Last week, we flew at 30,000 feet from San Francisco to Boston after one month abroad with no Internet, radio or TV. No news, is good news, I thought. How wrong I was. I walked to the back of the plane for some exercise and a glass of water.

“Where are you from?” the flight attendant asked.

“Returning to Maine,” I said.

“Oh, have you heard the latest story about your governor?” he asked. “Your chief executive ordered the removal of the mural depicting the labor history of Maine from the department of labor.”

Before I left the state, we were just recovering from a series of Gov. Paul LePage blunders, and this does not seem to stop. Unfortunately, not enough of us realized during his election campaign that LePage has a handicap. He simply cannot control his mouth.

After the repeated demonstrations of his disrespectful insensitivities, I wonder when “our governor” will recognize that he is not helping Maine.

Robert C.G. Hottentot


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