The people of Maine are tired of being among the top taxed and lowest paid nationally. It took years of thinking that the tax dollar was as easy to come by as the waves breaking on the Maine coast. Maine is now nearly bankrupt.

We are constantly losing our greatest resource — our next generation — to other states that allow them more opportunity.

We needed new directions and voted for a man promising that. Paul LePage is a man of few words and less of a politician who speaks to the group he is facing. He doesn’t depend on speechwriters and polls to set his agenda.

His goal is to carry out the directives of his campaign, something that has faded away with many other elected officials.

The federal government has no right to tell us how we decorate our walls.

I believe it was horrendous to depict a labor strike that was nearly a civil war in Jay as a positive event. It caused great suffering in that area and still does. Nonetheless, it is part of our history, and a better place would be in the state museum.


The last thing we want to be as we compete with other states is anti-business. We seem to forget that many of our communities were built around business, whether it was fishing, paper, textiles, logging, farming or something else.

Business built Maine. We need that now to sustain. We must grow businesses rather than government. The wages from the jobs provided by business will supply the tax dollars to run the state. New state jobs would only require more taxes to pay the expense.

Let’s at least give LePage a chance to turn the good ship of Maine into a better wind. We should back our governor.

Mike Dawes


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