Leadership is lacking in Maine.

It could be argued that three months of being governor cannot possibly be enough time to evaluate a leader, but I disagree.

Paul LePage has demonstrated his fundamental style of leadership. We have been able to see how he deals with conflict, dissension, compromise and public discourse.

Mainers heard LePage’s uninformed opinion about the hazards of chemicals, not leadership. Mainers have been told by LePage that the media is to blame for misquoting him or presenting him in poor light. We did not get a leader who holds himself accountable for his own actions.

Maine is now seen nationally as a backward state for voting a governor who continues to bully its citizens. Think about comments he has made: “I will laugh at them,” “kiss my butt,” “go to hell” or “they are idiots.”

Mainers and those from away have long enjoyed the gifts Maine has to offer from its natural beauty, arts and hard-working people. LePage does not recognize these gifts contribute to our state pride and economy. Instead, in the dead of night, he removes art deemed subversive by a right-wing talk show and cowardly anonymous fax.


Or he dilutes environmental laws. Or he negates union contributions to injustices of corporate greed, in the past and now.

This does not show a leader who seeks out verifiable information, but rather he relies on his gut responses, which are trivial and weak.

Mainers are watching LePage. He adopts some basic qualities: Humility when he is wrong, respect for Maine citizens, make no absurd or irresponsible quips and insults, honor the Constitution by listening to opposing views, and finally do the work of the people.

Jackie P. Fournier

Mount Vernon

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