The citizens of this great state of Maine have no legal or constitutional recourse in the event of an unfair or undemocratic election. This, I believe, is an affront to the very foundation of this democratic nation.

I live and work in this wonderful state and Paul LePage’s political, business, ethical and social philosophies and motives either offend me, concern me or both. He does not represent the values that Mainers have proven they stand behind time and time again.

He is not the democratically elected governor of this fine state and “we the people” should have the legal representation and the political power to say so.

If our representatives are not supporting the rights of the citizens of this state, then they are working against us and that should be considered treason. We all must support the citizens’ recall initiative. We must all diligently work to preserve the democracy of this great nation.

Gardiner Moody


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