I am tired of the constant bashing of our new governor.

Yes, he has done some things that I probably would not have done, but after 30-plus years of same-party rule, it will take a while to get used to leading, and mistakes will be made.

The good news is that everywhere I turn there is optimism that someone is finally looking into what our state spends its money on.

After years of Democratic control, nepotism (or favoritism) in all our departments has been running rampant.

The debate concerning the mural, for example, should be more about who authorized spending $60,000 for this piece in the first place, not about where it should be located.

Some will say that this was grant money from the federal government and not state money.


Federal money also comes out of my pocket, and to spend $60,000 on a special art piece when commercial art pictures can be purchased at a fraction of this price seems crazy.

We need people leading our departments that look at all this with a more conservative eye, and who consider the impact of every item the state purchases, and make minimum purchases, not special costly items.

Not many people I know have a $60,000 art piece in their home or work place.

We need Gov. Paul LePage and his appointments to look at everything and to change things to more closely align our state operations with how we the people live and spend money.

I hope most of us will not get caught up in all the silly stuff like murals, and will keep our eye on the many positive changes that are happening for our benefit.

Can you smell the fresh air?


It’s starting to smell like New Hampshire around here.


Don Garrison


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