Research and study by concerned Maine people and groups have revealed the keys to understanding the hard and fast promotion of industrial wind in Maine.

Quite simply, wind power is being promoted because of how much it’s worth in government subsidy dollars to the developer for towers it can erect quickly, no matter how short-lived.

Facts have been very well-hidden beneath gloss and promises of the wind profiteers. Empty promises of gain. Vague outlines.

Hurried-up legislation that helps the builders but takes rights away from the citizenry.

Without our tax dollars being made available to this unscrupulous few, industrial wind would be a bad investment, plain and simple.

Maine would be beneath any developer’s notice were it not for the available money to line their pockets.


People who are frightened for our state’s environmental integrity or outraged by having the wool pulled over our eyes, should let their elected officials and representatives know about it.

Is it too late? Never.

Arlene G. Trudel

Highland Plantation

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