I offer this to all the LePage-haters who are trying to make a big stand on the fact that Paul LePage was elected on a plurality vote: There has been only one time in the past 25 years when a Maine governor was elected with more than 50 percent of the votes. One time — Angus King with 58 percent — in the past six elections. Every other election was won with less then 50 percent, with most winning with percentages in the 30s. It’s a pretty hollow argument, if you ask me.

People who compare the removal of the labor mural to the removal of the 10 Commandments from our public court buildings — their own logic shows how closed-minded they can be.

Like it or not, today’s laws of the land were founded on the tenets of canon law, which is symbolized by the 10 Commandments.

How is this any different from statements that today’s workers’ rights were established from the strikes and actions of the labor unions as depicted in the mural?

(Note: Don’t throw in the separation of church and state argument as we are talking symbolic representation of history and heritage.)

Bob Rapalus


Because of an editing error, incorrect information appeared in this letter on Wednesday. The corrected version is reprinted here.

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