More and more cuts to state employees? When does it end?

I am a state employee with almost 11 years of diligent service and I am the primary breadwinner in my family.

I know I don’t have to make legislators aware of the terrible economy, the increase in gas prices or skyrocketing food prices.

What I need to stress to our lawmakers are things like my $170 electric bill for one month and yearly increases to our health insurance payments. We’re scraping by as it is.

When people tell me, “You’re lucky you have a job,” my response is, “I’m sorry, but luck had nothing to do with it.”

No one handed this job to me on a silver platter. I took a four-hour test when I applied for this job. I had to interview for this job. I went to school to better educate myself for this job. I worked several jobs in this field before this job, so that I could acquire enough experience for this job.

My choice to pursue a career in state government was partly influenced by benefits I was assured to receive.

Often I hear complaints that folks are leaving this state to seek employment elsewhere. When they have to face the threat of losing their livelihood every time they turn around and see others promised benefits that are then taken away, what is the incentive to stay?

Haven’t state employees carried the entire burden of the state’s deficit on our shoulders enough?

I’m all for giving back. And, I have no problem with sacrificing my share. But, my share has already become more than my share. It’s unjust — plain and simple.

Laura Hall


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