It’s time Gov. Paul LePage was applauded.

He understands Maine’s problems and has the backbone to do something positive. He’s not the smooth-talking, double-dealing, self-serving politician Maine’s grown accustomed to. He wasn’t bought and paid for by special interest groups. He doesn’t worry about personal popularity or the opinions of the vocal few. His concern is Maine and her citizens.

LePage understands Maine needs businesses to provide jobs and every able-bodied person to work and share the load. He knows being over-taxed and under-appreciated has embittered many.

He agrees with taxpayers who desire offering assistance to deserving welfare recipients, but not rubber stamping checks to women with children and live-in boyfriends who profit at the expense of needy children. He believes welfare is an assistance, not a way of life to be handed down generation to generation.

I keep reading that LePage is against unions, teachers, state employees and desires to benefit only the rich business class.

As an owner in a small, 45-year-old family logging business, I beg to differ. Our governor realizes that state employees and teachers must understand their health care and retirement can’t come at the expense of other hardworking Mainers who don’t enjoy the same luxuries.


We’ve paid exorbitant health care premiums forever, without anyone’s assistance. Should we live long enough to qualify for the Social Security we’ve paid for, Washington’s liberals will have given it away, and we’ll be fending for ourselves.

Maine has needed someone like LePage, who knows the pendulum has swung too far toward the big unions, big welfare and bigger deficits. Finally, a plain-talking, unsophisticated hard-nosed, honest man under whose leadership Maine can survive and prosper. Stop nitpicking and complaining. Maine’s worth it.

Edward and Roberta Berry


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