I read the letters and just shake my head in amazement; but now I must respond to Carolyn Farrington’s letter of June 29. OMG! (used simply as an exclamation — not a belief).

Where does she get her information? Certainly not from history. This appears to be another case of someone using religion to distort the facts.

The Constitution assures us that the government cannot interfere with a person’s religious practice or beliefs. It has nothing to do with Christianity.

If you are a Christian, that’s just wonderful. But please do not put down others who may believe differently than you. I often wonder about those who quote the Bible and state that they live by it. Really? You literally live by it? The Old or New Testament (which contradict each other)?

Jesus was a radical and a prophet, and I believe he would be appalled at the way some Christians are living and behaving in the name of Christianity.

Grace Peck


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