A Lake Wesserunsett boat inspector is passing on misinformation.

A group was putting in their boat recently and the inspector stopped them and asked if they were coming from North Pond in Smithfield. They replied that they were.

She then told the boaters that they were not welcome on Lake Wesserunsett because North Pond is full of milfoil. She added that though she could not prevent them from using the lake, they were not welcome there. That is not the case.

There are 33 known locations in Maine where invasives have become established. North Pond is not one of them.

The North Pond Association is going to great effort and expense to try and keep invasives out. Last year, we spent more than $7,000 on paid inspectors and had hundreds of volunteer hours logged as well.

It is commendable that the inspector is at the ramp trying to stop the invasives threat, whether paid or as a volunteer, but she should learn about the risks and locations of infested lakes.

Handouts are available at town offices or on the Web at the Department of Environmental Protection website, or www.NorthPond.net.

Rick Watson, Skowhegan

President, North Pond Association

Smithfield, Mercer and Rome

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