As a registered Republican, I was offended by the misleading generalizations that were presented in the “Eight myths” editorial (July 2).

It basically described Republicans as unintelligent and duplicitous, stating that the party is dominated by “anti-intellectual social Darwinists.” It presented eight pieces of “evidence” that purportedly support this unfair claim. These “facts,” however, are untrue.

For instance, the editorial suggests that health care is a right. Since Republicans don’t believe in government-sponsored health care, they are denying people a basic necessity.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has stated that the new health care reform law will increase spending, make a balanced budget more unattainable and force individuals to pay for coverage, even if they do not want it.

By refusing to support this health care law, Republicans give people the freedom they deserve to take control of their own health and being fiscally responsible.

Next, the editorial had the effrontery to mock religion, saying that Republicans don’t believe in scientific facts. Not only is this inappropriate, but it’s untrue; the party simply favors teaching multiple theories so that people are free to exercise the freedom of religion guaranteed by the First Amendment.

The editorial also suggests that Republicans aren’t open to alternative energy exploration; all we want is domestic drilling, coal and nuclear power plants. Republicans actually support domestic drilling as a way to lower oil prices, but also want to explore alternative sources. Until a reliable alternative is ready and affordable for widespread use, domestic drilling could keep energy prices reasonable.

The rest of the arguments presented are equally erroneous. According to the conclusion, Republicans are almost deserving of pity for our allegedly misguided beliefs. I, for one, do not want or need the pity of patronizing individuals who attack my Republican values with insubstantial reasoning.

Krysta Moulton


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