What do the following have in common?

At the end of the Clinton administration, a Republican Congress and the Democratic president had a tax structure that generated a national budget surplus.

At the end of the George W. Bush administration, with two tax cuts (promising jobs and growth), a GOP Congress and a GOP president, there was no job growth but there was a large national budget deficit.

In addition, there was a worldwide financial crisis and two pre-emptive wars that were not even in the budget.

Both parties now claim to be negotiating to reduce the deficit and balance the budget.

But Republicans refuse to negotiate on taxes, not even to the Clinton-era level, and leaves intact the war (called “defense”) budget.


President Barack Obama does not cite the past. He does not point out that Bush tax cuts did not provide growth or jobs; he does not point out that a “negotiation” where one side refuses to discuss a critical factor taxes to cut the deficit and balance the budget is no negotiation at all. He does not get us out of two expensive wars. (Did Congress ever vote to spend funds to impose “democracy” by way of war?)

One might conclude that both parties with their current “leadership” are not serving the nation; they only seek to gain or retain power. We need a third party.

Douglas Thornsjo


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