The Winslow 4th of July fireworks were outstanding.

But I was very disappointed and embarrassed with the people who attended the fireworks. On my way to drop off my children at Camp Tracey the next day, I drove through Winslow, and the streets and sidewalks were littered with trash.

It is completely disgusting and sad to know that the people are OK with leaving their trash all over the place. How hard would it have been to take a bag with them and pick up their trash?

Now we must use our tax dollars to pay for the townspeople to clean up after us. I am not OK with that; they have other important things to be doing besides cleaning up after people who don’t know any better to do it themselves.

Winslow has been able to give us this show for many years and the least we can do is respect them enough to pick up after ourselves.

Joey Peloquin


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