I believe movement forward begins with campaign finance reform — no private, corporate or foreign money should ever have access to government efficacy.

From our nation’s earliest days, conscription service is a fundamental element of this nation’s heritage.

After winning independence, the owning of firearms gave the citizenry a greater capacity to defend the new republic and government chartered to run it. These marks of stewardship and protocol are reasons our society should always have right of gun ownership.

The purpose of the U.S. Constitution was to afford the 13 states benefits of distribution and protection. Government at the national level was to nurture the development of agriculture and commerce; it was given authority to impart necessary measures to regulate industry between the states.

The true job of our federal government is regulation over economic liberties and consumer rights that insult the sovereignty of any state or place the security, well-being of the Republic in jeopardy.

To make very clear the intended outcome and results of the context, rules and organizational structure are contained in its articles. Framers of the greatest Constitution prefaced it with a mission statement offering the most regal and virtuous potential.

Barry B. Beckwith


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