I read Richard LaPorte’s letter to the editor in the Kennebec Journal this morning (July 13) with some interest.

Most businesses have plenty of money these days and interest rates are at a historic low should they need more. At the same time, unemployment is at a historic high so plenty of willing workers are available.

The missing piece is demand. No business owner will hire workers if there is nothing for them to do and no amount of tax cutting will change that.

What needs to be done is to put money in the pockets of consumers, and the government is in the best position to do this by putting willing people to work repairing our roads, developing new sources of green energy, encouraging research, and educating the next generation of citizens.

An analogy would be an airliner that is slowing down and getting ready to stall out of the sky. Many passengers are yelling for the pilot to pull up the nose while the pilot knows that he must first point the nose down a bit and add power to gain flying speed. Thoughtful investment by our government will do that.


Bill Williamson


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