I want to express my appreciation to the people who put together the fireworks in Winslow. What a good job!

Thing is, fireworks are not all what the July 4th is all about. It’s about freedom and all who have paid the price for our independence and the freedom we can enjoy every day.

Parades, pageants and music, including the national anthem, were held before the fireworks, as was the raising of our flag. I have seen this before at hockey games, football games, etc., but never at fireworks, so it was real nice.

When I see people all standing in honor of our flag, it always gives me a sense of pride. This is who we are, what we stand for and keeps us free.

So the next time politicians are at a place where the national anthem is played, they should look around. They have sold us out, the jobs gone and the nation is almost in ruin financially. Instead, they made decisions that helped them or their party, banks, companies and special interest groups.

Even after all this, we the people still stand as one. That’s something politicians need to learn. They should work for our nation, the flag and the people who make the fabric of both. United we stand, divided we fall. We the people get it. When will they get it?

Michael Nadeau


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