Here we go again: Paying people to increase their job performance when they should be doing their job anyway.

And the people who are paid the most are the administrators. Isn’t this like the CEO getting the million-dollar-plus bonus because the company made a profit, when the real work was done by the lowly employees?

I thought the teachers were the ones who made a difference.

Does this mean that the administrators are not doing a good job now, and they need to be encouraged to do their job by offering more money?

Haven’t studies shown that incentives do not make a difference? When money becomes the driving force, I think greed becomes the force behind the drive.

I thought that educators got into the field to make difference in kids’ lives; salary was not the issue. I believe that to be true for most, if not all, teachers. It must be a great feeling to see your students learn and improve. Apparently that is all teachers will get for now.


Oh, but wait, school officials are open to giving teachers incentives too, but they have to wait until their contracts are up for renewal.

Augusta Superintendent Cornelia Brown wasn’t so lucky; her contract was tweaked and voted on recently.

I read an article regarding a school system that amended the results of their testing to show improvement when in fact there was none. Is this what the extra money will get for the Augusta system? I hope not, because the kids will be the losers.

Charles Picard


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