I’m a senior citizen, and I receive a very small Social Security check. It barely covers my Medicare and medical insurance supplement.

My SS check is automatically deposited to my checking account, and my Medicare and medical insurance supplement costs are automatically withdrawn from my checking account. If Congress doesn’t raise the debt limit or do something so we senior citizens will receive our Social Security checks, a lot of senior citizens’ bank accounts are going to be overdrawn. Those automatic withdrawals and maybe other automatic withdrawals that are reliant on the SS checks being deposited will cause a lot of overdrawn accounts. And then bank charges will be added because the accounts are overdrawn.

My suggestion to part of the way to balance the budget is for the president and members of Congress to take serious pay cuts instead of penalizing us seniors, who paid into Social Security and rely on those checks to survive.

Also seniors should contact their representatives to Congress and let them know how we feel about the possibility of our bank accounts being overdrawn when it’s not our fault.

We also need to pray that possible disaster won’t happen.

Lynne Chick


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