On the news a few evenings ago, the question was asked, “If we default, who will be the first to not get paid?”

Social Security payments were first on the list by more than one person.

If the people in Washington fail to do their jobs, fail to get these very important issues resolved, then they should be the first to not get paid.

Why should the money come from Americans who did their jobs and worked all their lives paying into a fund with the promise of something each month when they can’t work anymore.

We may have to speak louder on this one.

Then I read an article about same-day voter registration. One of the reasons for not allowing it was, “It’s just so overwhelming.” What? Wrong answer.

The voters and unregistered voters are asking the town officials to allow someone to do the one thing that makes us different from the rest of the world: Vote.

One day is all it is, and they should do whatever it takes, no matter how hard or overwhelming.

I ended my morning coffee reading, “The rich will hire more if they are not taxed more.” Then why aren’t they hiring now? Why are our employment growth figures so dismal?

What business owner would be content watching paid employees standing around doing nothing because there is nothing to do, but it’s OK because my tax savings are paying for it?

I doubt there are any. When they sell more, they will hire more and not before.

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like government officials from the state level to the federal level are forgetting how they got there, and that they are supposed to be working toward what benefits the country first.

Ralph Doiron


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