A letter writer supports the reimplementation of the draft, noting that “most Americans feel that the wars we are engaged in are necessary for the protection of our country.” He endorses raising taxes “considerably” to pay for war, eventually surmising that the Founding Fathers would agree. Perhaps. But I sure don’t.

If our Founding Fathers were to witness what’s become of their beautiful vision of a “United” States of America, I believe they’d vomit. If Gutenberg and Abner Doubleday (inventors of the printing press and baseball, respectively) were to return and witness, firsthand, tabloid abuse and steroid use, they too, would hurl.

Al Gore invented the Internet. I hope he’s happy now with Facebook.

If Paul Violette is pursued with such vigor for mindless transgressions and fiscal mismanagement, why are George W. Bush and the Wall Street cartel walking around beating the heat instead of getting it?

Recently, George Smith endorsed wind power. Some are predicting the end of Maine as they know it. Notwithstanding $5,000-per-week guided tours, I’m solidly with Smith and grateful to Angus King. I admire King’s patience, tenacity and pluck (and I can surely relate).

I keep hoping to wake up to realize that King is still governor, and all this has been a bad dream.

Misguided beliefs that someday, after incalculable treasure and unspeakable loss of life in our serial wars will all somehow prove to have been worth it, and archaic notions that pioneering wind, solar or tidal energy sources are somehow going to diminish the quality of life Maine. Nonsense.

As I write this, the space shuttle Atlantis lands. Some mourn the end of an era, lamenting; “That’s it.” Isn’t it more intriguing to ask, “What’s next?”

Buddy Doyle


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