Your article, “Gasoline prices back up, 4.9 cents in week” (July 18) highlights the increasing cost of Maine’s dependence on oil and makes it clear that Maine families are spending too much of their hard-earned paychecks at the gas pump. Gas prices are once again on the rise, and Maine families will have to find a way to cope. However, we do not have to sit idly by.

President Barack Obama will soon propose a new fuel efficiency standard. If a strong standard is set, our cars will get more miles on a gallon of gas, protecting our environment, lessening our dependence on oil and reducing the cost of commuting to work.

According to a report released by Environment Maine, if we currently had a 60-mpg standard, the average Maine family would save $490 during this summer alone.

Mainers must take this opportunity to contact the president and let him know we are ready for our cars to get more miles per gallon so we can stop getting taken for a ride at the pump.

Asa Hyde, field organizer

Environment Maine


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