I thought it was so beautiful and loving of Michelle Bachmann and her husband, Marcus, to tell the American people that they practice reparative therapy for gay clients.

Think of it, teaching these folks caught in an addiction how to work out of it, through Bible study, prayer and their own human will. Teaching restraint, itself such a valuable character quality. Restraint is a quality that can be applied to so many of America’s societal problems, including divorce, adultery, pornography, promiscuity, etc.

The Bachmans encourage methods to take away addictive thoughts and desires and any and all influences that feed these desires. How loving to work for the healing and prevention of this sad way of life.

In addition, a recent newspaper account of a military gay man wanting to marry in incredulous.

Despite what retired Gen. Wesley Clark said during Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell hearings, the military should mirror the people it serves. The military is a special organization of disciplined men who cannot reflect the faults of civil society, else they risk certain defeat.

How twisted is our society that we present to the world our brightest and best men (fighters) aligned with the same sex.

I believe that Barack Obama has degraded the military by his push for gays’ open conduct in the service, and he has disrespected the majority of military people who will be deeply offended by the spectacle of military same-sex relationships in the open. God help our nation.

Elaine B. Graham


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