“Whoops, sorry, incorrect information.” Like Lynn Plourde, I too have experienced billing on the basis of incorrect medical information entered into the computer system, in my case the wrong insurance company.

Consequently, a bill for services rendered in October had to be re-submitted, and I am still awaiting the bill — nine months later.

Additionally, the same incorrect information was entered for a surgical procedure for my husband performed on Sept. 28, and he was dead when the bill arrived almost 10 months later.

Thankfully, we are not talking about operating on the wrong leg based on incorrect information entered into the system. A bill can be re-evaluated and adjusted and re-submitted for payment within a few weeks.

Unfortunately, the resurrection of painful experiences cannot be healed by a few keystrokes nor can money once sent be easily retrieved.

It is important that people take the time to unravel the complexities of billing for health care procedures, that they ask for explanation of the mystery codes, that they contact patient advocate services.

It would seem that mistakes are occurring at the expense of the patient and/or family members who are often caught up in the pain of illness and the complexities of the actual health care.

Priscilla Doel


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