As my husband and I sat, had our coffee and read the paper this morning, I read the letters to the editor. One letter piqued my interest, from a reader in Oakland. She states that she moved back to this part of the state after living away for many years. Like the reader, my husband and I moved back to his hometown area after several years of living in the southern part of the state. We have a home on the Kennebec River in Clinton that we have had totally renovated and thoroughly love. We have been here a year so have been through all the seasons and the nuances of the area. We live just down the road from the largest dairy farm in the state that has several hundred head of cows. As you can imagine, the odor from the farm can be quite strong at times but never too offensive or “eye watering.” I grew up on a chicken farm and know all too well how strong that ammonia filled air can be.

We moved to this home on the river knowing full well of the consequences; the odors, the farm equipment traffic and all that goes with it. We embrace the fact that we live in this area of the state where farming is strong and thriving. Farms like this are what keep the area economy going, the trickledown effect for many other area businesses. We feel that the farming industry in the state should be supported and helped in any way possible. Support can be shown by buying at local farmers markets, attending the open farm days and going to the county fairs. The State of Maine is our home, always has been, always will be.

Jean and John Jones


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