I served on my own town’s Planning Board and I am studying a proposal for a condominium development in the Village Business Historic District of Farmington. Farmington is a community with historic architecture, enormous charm and a long-standing commitment to preserve the character of this neighborhood. This commitment is backed by town ordinances designed to preserve the historic and visual character of the area.

The Riverview Condominium Project will add 10 additional bedroom units to a lot already hosting 12 rentals. How large a building will this have to be to accommodate 10 more units? Will these apartments be looking directly into neighboring homes? Given the restricted space, how will the developer meet required setbacks? With this density of buildings in the immediate area, will there be assured access for fire and rescue equipment and personnel? Please note that this lot is only half an acre!

The developer provides a total of 16 parking spaces for the combined 22 units. Remember there is no overnight parking permitted on Main Street. Given that there is already not enough parking in town, where will the unlucky residents and guests park? Town ordinance requires many more parking spaces than proposed, for all of the above reasons.

Cluster development has its place, but consider how this situation will change the character of the historic district. This density is simply not realistic under Farmington’s guidelines.

According to current developmental rules this project cannot be permitted. Given the location and historic character of the site I strongly urge the Planning Board not to grant any waivers or exceptions. Please come to Monday’s Planning Board meeting and voice your concerns with me.

Nancy O’Toole


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