The morning news that Maine is No. 1 in New England, with 26.5 percent of our population having diabetes, is just plain horrible, considering that my wonderful wife of seven years lost her battle with diabetes Nov. 23. In Jane’s case, she was the third member of her family to lose her life at or shortly after the age of 55.

So to all of you, and most of all my wonderful friends who I had the pleasure to meet and know over the 40-plus years I spent among you, I ask to attack this disease with all of your heart and energy and to live a healthy life in memory of Jane and all the others in Maine who have lost or will lose their lives to diabetes.

Jane never had a chance. However, many of you do have the choice to live a healthy lifestyle.

I would not dare to remember the countless times the EMS crews from Augusta and Gardiner arrived just in time to bring Jane out of her diabetic fog.

This disease took my very best friend, the love of my life, from me. So please help reverse this terrible disease by taking back life.

The price is paid not only by the one who is taken, but also by those who are left behind.

Frank Powers


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