Individuals who ride public transportation can save money on the costs of commuting — that much has never been disputed.

But is it enough to merit abandoning the private car?

The American Public Transportation Association — which backs all forms of public transit — thinks so. In February, it released a report saying, on average, commuters can save $9,242 annually commuting by transit.

That was when the average per-gallon price of regular unleaded gas was $2.75. For every $1 more per gallon, the association says transit commuters can enjoy an additional $600 in savings per year.

The association also tackles other car-related costs, such as parking. It found the national average for a monthly unreserved parking space in a downtown business district was $154.23 in 2009; and that annual parking costs for a vehicle can amount to an average of $1,850.

Because all commuting costs are based on local prices, see for yourself how much you would save by visiting the association’s transit commuting calculator at