Did anyone read the interesting article in the newspaper on July 4? This article confirms McDonald’s has started using its own oil from its vats to fuel vehicles in the Arab world.

This is an option in the U.S. as well. So why do we not take advantage of our natural resources before we send all our money overseas to unfriendly Arab nations?

Why is it that the CEO of GE is chairman of our energy commission? Why does GE pay no taxes? Why has the net worth of our president of the U.S. grown from $2 million when he first became president to over $10 million in two and half years?

The constitution forbids money to our president from any source other than our tax money. Why does our president wish to raise taxes on the 50 percent of the citizens that currently pay taxes?

Why does he not look elsewhere to gain revenues?

Would it not be appropriate that all the high ranking government workers that got us in this unsettling financial situation get a cut in pay, or terminated? Maybe we the people need to cut their lifetime entitlements.


Why not place tariffs on all the imports from other countries? This will pay off our deficit and maintain our credit rating.

The high-ranking officials in our government have caused this problem and us taxpayers need not to pay more taxes, we need to pay less.

It is too bad that the newspaper does not make space to educate us on the goings on in government so that we all can better participate. It would only work if the reporting was unbiased.

Peter Redman


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