It has been quite a while since I wrote a letter to the editor. “What is wrong with working for a living?” (July 17) provoked me.

I thought about things and slept on it. When I got up, I felt the same: Shame. Even though I don’t really think I’ve done anything wrong. I get Supplemental Security Income, food supplement, energy assistance etc.

I worked for 12 years in a factory, lifting and tugging. I cried after the house got sold, (shy of being foreclosed on).

After my divorce, I had to ask for help from Maine because I lost my pretty good paying job and somebody had to see to the needs of the three of us. Seven or eight months later, when the kids were out of high school, the rent went up to $451 and I didn’t have a plugged nickel.

The grocery store thing: One day I was shopping, and I saw a young mother cash her monthly check and go over to the lottery machine and put dollar after dollar into it. I wasn’t mad; I just wondered what she was going to do for money for the rest of the month.

Oh yeah: You can’t buy beer and cigarettes on food supplement. Which reminds me, do working people smoke and or drink? I spend $44.02 for the month on cigarettes. What else is there when you have smoked and are addicted. I have one drink per year on a hazy, hot and humid day. You’ve go to have something.

Keep up the good work, governor, we individuals on SSI need your help, too.

And don’t forget, the Circuit Breaker Program is coming up.

Marina Starr


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