I live on Hankerson Road, in a little dip right in up at the beginning of the road. I’ve lived here for about seven years and like our little place in this town.

I have a beautiful new granddaughter, my first grandchild, who I think of day and night (new grandmas will understand what I mean by this new obsession). I love that child, and my daughter, more than life itself.

They come to visit from Portland most weekends, and if I am lucky, they spend the night and visit into the next day. I look forward to and enjoy these visits greatly.

This letter is to implore all drivers who tear past my house at 50, 60 and even 70 miles per hour to slow down. I understand that they have important places to go, and important people to see and important things to do.

If someone’s car, truck or motorcycle were to come up over the hill at those speeds, they would have no time to stop.

If my daughter was pulling her car out of my driveway at the same time, and they hit her and my granddaughter at those speeds, they could very easily kill or harm my family. They also would do considerable damage to themselves and their vehicle.

They don’t know me. And, they don’t know my beautiful little family. But, I love them very much. Please slow down closer to the 35 mph speed limit, if not for my family, for theirs.

Melanie Beaulieu


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