We like to applaud when people do the right thing, or, just as importantly, when they avoid doing the wrong thing.

With regards to the proposed Wiscasset bypass, the state Department of Transportation gets credit for doing both.

Commissioner David Berhhardt said Monday that he has decided to kill the proposed $100 million project because the state could not afford it — even if the bulk of the money would have come from federal sources.

Bernhardt said Maine just has too many infrastructure needs to sink so much of its resources into this one project. The traffic backup in Wiscasset is a problem, but only for six to eight weeks each year. Other road and bridge needs are safety hazards all year long.

The Wiscasset bypass has been controversial for many years and pits the needs of some businesses and residents against others.

Not everyone will be happy with this decision, but all concerned should appreciate that the era of endless studies of the project is over.

The state can now focus on low-cost traffic management solutions for Wiscasset, and apply scarce highway funds to other areas.

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