I am responding to Rep. Charles Webster’s “proof” of voter fraud.

I am a recent graduate of the Muskie School at the University of Southern Maine. I received my bachelor of arts degree in political science in my “home” state of Indiana. I paid an exorbitant amount of money to come to Maine to receive a fantastic education in my field of community planning and development.

We sold our home in Indiana, moved the entire family here, got Maine drivers’ licenses, registered our car and truck in Portland and have filed Maine taxes as residents.

My partner and I still were required to pay out-of-state tuition because we did not work or live here at least one year before enrolling at USM. My family is what many would now consider permanent residents. And yes, my partner and I voted here the last two years.

We now live in Livermore Falls and will register our daughter to go school here, where she will eventually graduate.

I take offense at Webster’s accusations of voter fraud among out-of-state tuition students. Those of us who came here by choice and pay three times the tuition cost of residents should not be automatically accused of voting illegally.

D. Robin Beck

Livermore Falls

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