VASSALBORO — A proposal for a repair shop for trailers that haul scrap metal was approved by the Planning Board on Tuesday night.

Richard Belisle of KP Enterprises, also known as Maine Metal Recycling, told the Planning Board and neighbors that his intention is not to open a collection point for scrap metal, but the repair shop for trailers on which the scrap metal is hauled.

After more than an hour and a half of explanation Tuesday night, neighbors’ concerns that the business would create a nuisance and lower their property values were allayed.

Board members found that the project met town criteria and unanimously approved it.

Initially, board Chairman Virginia Brackett complained Belisle’s application contained so little information that she could not act on it.

Neighbor Patricia Loiko protested the address listed on the meeting agenda wasn’t even right: 1227 Riverside Drive is her address, she said.

Belisle, landowner Jeff Michaud and Code Enforcement Officer Daniel Feeney agreed. The property Belisle intends to lease from Michaud is really 1229 Riverside Drive, they said.

Belisle explained that he plans to use the 50-by-70-foot garage on the property for trailer repair; that normal working hours will be from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. five days a week unless there’s an emergency; and that only a few trailers will be parked outside and not for long.

The trailers don’t earn money when they’re not on the road, he pointed out.

There will be no waste oil from trailer repairs and not much grease, Belisle said. Any scrap metal will be recycled. No parts will be stored outside the building.

The business will have little impact on Riverside Drive traffic: a few trailers in and out, three employees’ vehicles, occasional parts deliveries.

Belisle intends to landscape the property. With an apologetic nod to Michaud, he said it will probably look better under his management than it does now.

Belisle said KP Enterprises is part of Schnitzer Steel, a global company whose activities include metal recycling. Schnitzer’s environmental office in Boston filled out the application to which Brackett objected, he said.

The Planning Board’s approval came with four conditions:

* trailers cannot be parked along the 470-foot driveway from Riverside Drive; parking is limited to the area around the garage.

* the existing floor drain in the garage will be eliminated.

* Belisle will forward to Feeney a copy of his contract with a company that will take away used grease.

* he will also send Feeney a copy of the final lease with Michaud.

Board members had one other application on Tuesday’s agenda, for an existing dogsled manufacturing business on Whitehouse Road. Brackett found that application also lacked key information, and the applicant was not present to explain it. The application was therefore tabled.

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