No one is more supportive than I when it comes to voter registration, our right to vote and, most of all, our obligation to practice that right, which hundreds of thousands of American citizens fail to do.

In regard to the recent law passed by the Legislature to disallow voter registration the same day as an election, I guess I need more reasons than I have read so far as to why I should vote to overturn the new law.

The new law allows voter registration up to two days prior to an election. Somehow “too busy,” “I forgot” or “I moved into town the day before or on Election Day” are excuses that don’t cut it. With all the hoopla, signs, speeches, television, newspapers, all other kinds of media and personal politicking before an election, it makes one wonder how anyone could forget to register if he or she is really interested in the political arena.

“Too busy” to register to vote until Election Day? To perform one of the most valuable rights of American citizens?

If these are the reasons people wait until the last minute to register to vote, I have to wonder what they know or care about the candidates running for office and what their platforms are.

Janis M. Cross


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