BINGHAM — School Administrative District 13 has announced its bus routes for upcoming school year in Bingham and Moscow. Freshmen orientation is at 6 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 25, and the first day of school is Aug. 31.

Bus route 1, North Run, Roderick

Approximately 6:50, first stop at Decker Brook, continue south on Route 201 to Pierce Hill, pick up at company houses on Route 201, and continue to Donigan, Frith, Upper and Lower Stream Roads. Proceed to Route 16, Messer, and Cassidy Road. Drop off students at Moscow, then Quimby, then High School.

Start a.m. vocational run.

Bus route 2, South Run, Wyman

Approximately 6:50, start run south on Route 201 at Overlook Trailer Park, then circle around Pine Grove Estates, continue back north on Route 201 to pick up on Goodrich and Taylor. Pick up in town on Route 201 and then drop off students at High School. Proceed to Milford Avenue and Owens Street. Drop off at Quimby, pick up at Thompson’s Restaurant then drop off at Moscow.

Concord Route, Forton

Approximately 6:50 pick up, Jackson Pond Road, return and pick up Route 16, continue and pick up Bluff Road. Drop off at Quimby and continue to Valley. Proceed up Murray Street and drop off at Moscow School.

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