I would like to congratulate Betty Lamoreau and her team at the Bureau of General Services for earning the national Excellence in Purchasing Award from the National Purchasing Institute.

I had a couple of opportunities to work directly with Lamoreau last winter and always found her to be a professional and dedicated public servant.

We had one instance where a reporter wanted access to video footage of the Department of Labor Offices from the time when the labor mural was removed.

While the request was unique and was about a matter receiving intense public interest, Lamoreau was committed to landing on the side of transparency and the public’s right to know. Within hours, her team provided the reporter the footage he had requested.

Public-sector purchasing is a rule-based system that creates winners and losers. And every decision is open to scrutiny from the public and the powerful. Lamoreau and her team work hard to ensure a fair balance among competing vendors and the interests of the taxpaying public.

Dan Demeritt


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