Our federal government has become dysfunctional. I find it hard to believe that the two major parties can be that far apart on the tough issues that we face today. The economy is in trouble, we are in two wars, and our debt in out of control.

This debt ceiling debacle has become a joke. Holding the American people hostage while they play their little re-election games is no way to run a country. Now that the debt ceiling fiasco is over, they want to be treated as heroes.

The only thing that we, the American people, can do is vote all of them out of office. I can’t believe that our legislators are acting like spoiled little children. Whether they are Republican or Democrat, they work for the people.

All of our representatives in Congress should start working for the people and not special interests. The next time we vote, they might be out of a job.

We live in the greatest country in the world and our congressional representatives and senators should act like adults and solve the tough issues by working together.

Thomas Lohnes

China Village

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