PORTLAND – The second annual Right to Carry Barbecue aimed to be a low-key affair – and it apparently succeeded.

The gathering at Back Cove today was organized by the Maine Open Carry Association, a group that promotes people’s right to carry holstered firearms in public.

“We’re just here to meet like-minded people and have some fun,” said Shane Belanger, a co-founder of the group.

Belanger organized last year’s event, which drew some 125 participants as well as a group of about 30 who rallied nearby for gun control.

About 20 people met up for today’s event, while a couple of people played with a Frisbee nearby and others walked along the path. The attendees – some of whom came from the midcoast and York County – stood around with holstered guns, chatting as they waiting for someone to bring the grill.

Belanger, a University of Southern Maine student, said the group wants to show that it’s not just criminals who carry firearms. He said law-abiding people do as well, but others may just not realize it.

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