Vinita Burns’s Aug. 1 letter contains an obvious contradiction. She criticizes reasons for opposition to wind development — “costs, noise, place, nature disturbance,” calling them “excuses.” Then, the last sentence of the letter states that proper siting is essential.

Land-based wind development in Maine is plagued by problems with all those things cited by Burns, “costs, noise, place, nature disturbance.” They are all the result of improper siting.

This is the same contradiction offered by wind developers. They pretend to have concern for place, people and nature, at least until it stands in the way of their wind development projects.

Let’s not forget Maine’s natural resources are a unique part of the intertwined ecological system of the planet Burns mentions.

The wind industry, the Maine media and all others giving unequivocal support to wind development should re-examine their faulty reasoning and admit their concern for people, wildlife and Maine’s quality of place is not genuine. If they actually cared about these things, a high-impact, low-yield energy source such as land-based wind power would likely be restricted to only a few places in Maine.

So, what will it be, proper siting or years of continued problems with all the above? Genuine concern for the former eliminates the latter.

Kay Michka

Lexington Township

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