Summarizing a list given by George Zornick, writing in The Nation, the debt deal can be divided into who is helped and who is harmed.

• Among those harmed are veterans, graduate students, seniors and the poor.

• Among those helped are the wealthy, Wall Street traders, and oil and gas companies.

There are those who believed that without this “compromise” Wall Street would crash. Two days later, on Aug. 4, the Dow lost 512 points or 4.3 percent of its value and it continues its downward dive.

Then there is the not-so-often talked about removal of the American people from the democratic process, a development that places our entire system of government at risk.

Discounting our economy during major wars, our deficits went into hyper-mode beginning with President Reagan’s attempt to build up our industrial-military complex (though cautioned against such action by another Republican, Dwight Eisenhower).

As if the increasing rate of deficit spending was not enough, George W. Bush seriously and, it could be said wantonly, cut taxes in 2001.

This serious hole in our nation’s income as debt continued to increase was due to expire last year, but for prejudicial and ill-thought-out reasons, did not. It is due to expire again in 2012.

As I scrutinize what may be impending disaster, I can only hope that our president and his advisers have a game plan, one that cannot be shared at this point in time, but will surprise everyone when it is implemented.

Beyond that, as a citizen of a democracy I will continue to watch carefully, speak my opinions loudly and, in the final analysis, exercise my vote. I pray that by then citizen votes will still mean something.

Guy Bourrie


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