The U.S. has now spent $1 trillion on wars and operates military bases in more than 130 countries. Big banks have been bailed out at taxpayer expense, but the economy is still bad for most Maine citizens.

They can’t find full-time jobs that pay enough to live on, they can’t get health insurance unless they have such a job, and they can’t afford the huge debt involved in going to college, either.

Why can’t these things be fixed? Because big money has taken over every branch of the federal government. President Barack Obama turned out to be not much different from President George W. Bush. Obama actually expanded the wars, started new ones, and his chief occupation at the moment is dining with the billionaires who he hopes will put him back in office.

The Pentagon continues to grow its budget each and every year, and is the worst polluter on Earth. It doesn’t matter whether Democrats or Republicans control Congress — they represent the same wealthy corporations.

Now ordinary people, mostly young people, are rising up to say “enough.” The Supreme Court ruled last year that corporations are people under the law, but young people are standing up to say: Really? We don’t see any corporations dying in wars. But we do see corporations growing wealthy as war profiteers and wrecking the environment.

National elections do not bring about real change, but we can effect change by joining groups working on issues such as local food production that are central to human survival.


Or join nonviolent occupations based on real democracy or the Bring Our War $$ Home campaign. Join with your fellow citizens and work together.

The future of the planet depends on us.

Lisa Savage


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