The Kennebec Valley Athletic Conference championship field hockey games will be played Wednesday at Colby College, and there’s some concern over the potential matchups.

Right now, the Class B game would pit Nokomis against Belfast at 4 p.m., while the Class A game would match Skowhegan and Messalonskee at 6. The snag is, Skowhegan and Messalonskee meet at 1 p.m., Monday at Messalonskee, meaning the Indians could face the Eagles twice in three days.

Of course, these matchups could change — Lawrence still has a shot at the No. 2 seed in Eastern A, and Winslow could move up in Eastern B. But Skowhegan coach Paula Doughty feels the matchups should be changed anyway. Doughty’s proposal is that the Class A and B teams “cross over.”

“I would much rather play Nokomis or Belfast,” Doughty said. “For us to play Messalonskee Monday and Wednesday is not good for either one of us.”

Messalonskee coach Katie Gorham said it’s tough to play the same team four times in one season, as Skowhegan and Messalonskee did last season, but added she has mixed feelings about the KVAC game.

“I think it will be good because it’s very competitive,” Gorham said. “It’s bound to be a good game.”


* * *

Skowhegan has a problem that is foreign to most, if not all, teams in the state. The Indians are not only 12-0, they haven’t played a game closer than eight goals in more than two weeks. So how do they stay sharp?

“I think they self-motivate a lot because they know how hard they have to work to win a state championship,” Doughty said. “Am I on their case reminding them day and night? Of course I am. But they know it.

“Every day we set goals. That’s just the way we operate. We’re never satisfied.”

* * *

In last Thursday’s 1-1 tie with Gardiner, Mt. View back Anna Piotti got tangled up with Gardiner’s Olivia Reny with less than two minutes remaining in the second overtime. Piotti ended up banging her head on the ground, and was woozy when she came off the field.


Piotti hasn’t played in a game since, but then, the Mustangs haven’t had any games. Coach Gloria Hewett said Piotti will be able to play this afternoon when Mt. View hosts Camden Hills.

“She’s been evaluated, and rested a lot,” Hewett said. “It didn’t actually come in as a concussion, but we treated it like one, because of the symptoms.”

Piotti is one of the better defensive players around, and holds together a strong Mt. View defense. She’s also the flier on penalty corners because of her well above-average speed.

Forwards Delainey Kein and Andrea Smith have also been keys to Mt. View’s success this season, as they have combined for 16 goals this fall. Center midfielder Brittany Masessa, a junior, has made sure the Mustangs remained strong at that position after the graduation of Hayleigh Kein.

“She’s not Hayleigh,” Hewett said. “She’s a different kind of player. But nothing much gets by her in the middle of the field.”

* * *


Apparently, the goggles players wear to protect against injuries can also cause them. Some people in the field hockey community started the website On the site, people can report injuries they believe were caused or made worse by goggles. The site was launched Sept. 27, and in the first nine days, 37 injuries were reported in nine states.

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