I don’t think I am getting it at all regarding the economy of this country and how it works.

I’ve commented before that the answer to getting people back to work and off the unemployment and social services rolls is to raise the cost of living.

Now what is the cost of living? By the standards of those who adjust our COLAs there isn’t a problem, so we don’t need one. That’s the one step to fixing a sinking economy: Don’t give COLAs.

The next step is to increase the price of food, gas and just about everything that we need to get by on, take vacations or buy something a little extra special. Because people can only afford a few of those items that increases the burden on the social services and unemployment, and closes businesses.

Now we need to raise taxes to cover those costs, and jobs are lost due to lack of business.

Oh yes, I almost forgot the players. They are the ones who have money and play with it on Wall Street so they can maintain their status of living while we all suffer because they waffle when a fly sneezes in South Africa and the markets go haywire.


We could really save big on government, do away with at least half of both state and national levels. After hearing how they spend $5 for a can of soda for a conference, someone’s not thinking.

Contractors should be able to make a living, but should charge reasonably when working for the government. The government should pay its bills, so contractors don’t have to wait, that’s one reason why they charge so much.

I didn’t solve much here and didn’t say much not already known. In spite of it all, enjoy life. It’s short.

Ed Wheaton


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