I write in response to the letter, “While GOP plays politics, Obama builds jobs” (letter, Sept. 27). The American Jobs Act is nothing more than a stack of recycled papers. Barack Obama’s own Democratic Party controls the Senate and won’t put its leader’s jobs bill on the schedule.

In fact, when the Democrats controlled both House and Senate for nearly two years, they failed to pass a budget. The last budget proposed by Obama went down to defeat, 97-0. That means every Democrat voted no.

The American Jobs Act is a $447-billion catastrophe in response to his earlier $787-billion tsunami, which didn’t create anywhere near as many jobs as Mighty Joe Biden had promised.

His regulation frenzy continues to kill middle-income jobs at a pace unequaled in modern time.

This president is in a jam but remains confident a large ignorant government dependent voting bloc will prevail in 2012.

How does the community organizer face his failures, fly Air Force One at a cost of $600,000 to give a 15-minute politically charged infrastructure speech at a bridge that links two states. The bridge does not need repairs. It is planned to be replaced by a larger span just up the river in response to increased traffic volume.


The writer is correct in assessing Obama transcends partisan politics. Partisan politics requires someone to be a committed member of a political party.

Barack Obama is a committed member to himself. He believes he can do no wrong. He is the poster child of narcissistic behavior.

Sadly, the future of this country is in the hands of one who is nothing more than a Chicago hack who has relied on racism and liberal correctness to achieve his level of incompetence.

Bill Perfetto


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